We provide consultant psychiatrist and GP input both in NHS and private sector.

We provide a multidisciplinary approach to assessment and treatment of mental health conditions. Appointments are offered in a timely fashion usually within two to three weeks. Urgent appointments within a week are also available where appropriate. Our assessments are followed by discussion of a formulation, treatment plan and writing to the General Practitioner where appropriate. Patients are sometimes also plugged back into the NHS.

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to assess and treat the patient where necessary holistically. Our approach looks at the whole person and not just their mental health symptoms. We pay close attention to physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing in addition to mental health symptoms.

Second Opinion

We provide second opinions where necessary. This does not include treatment. However, you will be sign posted and appropriate advice will be given.



Medico-Legal Writing

We provide expert psychiatric/psychology reports in Forensic, Family courts, CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), MHSOP (Mental Health Services of Older People), Personal injury and a variety of other speciality.