Our approach

We have a multi-disciplinary approach to assessing children which involves consultant psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, speech and language therapists and other disciplines.

We recognise that childhood is a critical period for development and there is convincing evidence that early identification of difficulties and challenges can result in better outcomes for the affected children and their families.

We aim to identify the at the earliest possible opportunity difficulties that could go on to help your child. Accurate early management, we believe will lead to good outcomes. This ensures optimal intervention and limitation of secondary difficulties and disabilities in some cases. Our developmental assessment programs benefit from the involvement of a wide variety of professionals who are a part of the multi-disciplinary team, each suitably skilled and prepared to meet the needs of your child and the family. Our approach leads to effective management of the situations spanning from healthy child surveillance to get mental health care.

We specialize in helping children with various neuro developmental disorders including ADHD and ASD. We appreciate the limitations of a mental health professional envisioning all possible dimensions of child and adolescent problems can be challenging. Its all the more important where in psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists collaborate with each other and other allied professionals in the treatment and management of childhood conditions.