Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

This is a lifelong neuro developmental condition. It has its consequences on two important areas which are:

Social communication and interaction – they have difficulties in areas such as

  • Forming social relationships
  • Making social conversation
  • Understanding social cues, making eye contact and using gestures
  • Taking another person’s point of view


They find it hard to adapt/ respond to new things or a change. They prefer to have routines. They have difficulty in making a plan or foresee something that might happen. They can have repetitive behaviour such as finger flicking. They can also have very strong interests.

People with Autism may have sensory difficulties which has a notable effect on their functioning. They can over stimulated or under stimulated in their environment such as light, smell, taste or sound.

Autism effects people of all ages and gender. About 1% of UK’s population is on the Autism Spectrum.